Love Is Not Enough

What if your dog just LISTENED to you?

Are you ready to change your relationship with your dog and be the leader they can rely on to guide them through all situations?

With our quick workshop and video tutorial bundle, there's no need to keep begging your dog to listen.  You'll learn how to get your dog to WANT to be with you and LISTEN to what you're saying in less than 2 weeks!

It's time to become the leader your dog needs and improve your relationship


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Want to make sure your dog will chill in the house and keep all the excitement for playtime?

In our short training The On/Off Switch you'll learn how to make sure your dog is super chilled at home and how to save all the excitement for a more appropriate time.

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We're sharing what we know from our experience in training thousands of dogs just like yours.....

Tell me if this sounds like you.....

You struggle to get your dog to listen to you or pay attention to you
You've done all the training classes but your dog won't do what you ask
Your dog is reactive in public and freaks out at dogs, cars, people, skateboards, infact just about anything!
You wish there was a way to just explain to your dog that life is easier if he would chill and listen to you

What if there was a way to get your dog, any dog, to look at you as the person in charge?

We created our Love Is Not Enough workshop using the distilled knowledge of decades of our experience where we've built an excellent relationship with hundreds of dogs, really quickly and used that to our advantage to teach them what we want in life

But it'll only take you TWO WEEKS to see a change 😉

After training thousands of dogs of all ages, breeds and backgrounds, we want to show you how you can succeed too!


Lock in this low price today.

"OK, but what do you mean Love Is Not Enough?

Love Is Not Enough is a digital workshop and video tutorial where you can learn how to master the Art of Leading With Intent and developing a better relationship your dog.

This formula shown to you in step by step instructions, with video lessons will outline to you exactly how to communicate with your dog and eliminate all the struggles that you’re having on a daily basis.

In our Love Is Not Enough workshop, we will teach you our proprietary process for creating a truly foolproof method of communication that your dog will truly understand.

Best of all, after you’ve completed our Love Is Not Enough workshop you’ll be able to understand and apply these techniques to tap into improving your dog's behaviour and start to enjoy including them in your everyday life.

So, what's in it for you?

Our Love Is Not Enough workshop works for any type of dog - puppy or adult, mixed breed or pedigree, large or small.

If you're tired of a dog who never listens to you and doesn't care what you say then Love Is Not Enough is the workshop for you.

If you're ready to make a change and develop a clearer communication style with your dog, then Love Is Not Enough is for you

If you're looking forward to a time when your dog looks at you and just knows you're about to ask him to do something and he's Ready and Waiting to do things with you or just hang out and chill at home then Love Is Not Enough is for you.

Hell, if you already have a dog who has been to training classes and still won't sit when you tell him to, then Love Is Not Enough is for you!

I'm Ready !


So.....Who Are We?

Hi!  I'm Padraig (Paul) Flanagan

I'm a professional dog trainer and behaviourist as well as an IGP dog sport competitor.

I have decades of experience having worked with thousands of dogs of all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes helping their owners succeed in their training goals.

I've helped pet owners, service dog handlers and sport trainers who want to compete at the World Championships.

I can help you learn more about developing a deeper relationship with your dog.

Hey!  I'm Julie West

I'm a professional dog trainer, behaviourist and canine hydrotherapist.

I've trained dogs for over 15 years whether family dogs, rescue dogs or competition dogs.  I've worked with multiple rescue centres and specialise in rescue rehab.

I also compete nationally and internationally in IGP dog sport with my personal dogs.

I want to share with you our methods and techniques to help you lead your dog to success and to develop a solid relationship with your dog.

The idea for this Love Is Not Enough workshop is something we were asked to create by new dog owners and new rescue dog owners who were struggling and unable to access regular dog training services in person.

With SO many restrictions on our lives and lockdowns, we know that so many of you who would normally have been able to take their puppies and dogs to a trainer…or who have been trying to socialise your dogs as best you can have had some problems…

And let’s get real: It’s not always your dog who’s the problem when you head for the park!  Sometimes it’s other people’s dogs who make life hard for you when you’re trying to get your dog to focus on you.

So, we asked ourselves two questions: 

"How can we help dog owners dramatically improve their relationship and how can we do this quickly....say in less than a month....especially right now, when it's almost impossible to hold individual training sessions or run seminars?"

We didn’t ask “How can we help them develop the kind of skills that will have them slaying it in competitions?”  That can take months or even years.

We didn’t ask “How can we teach them how to balance the art and the science of training their dog?”  That can take a while.

What we DID do was ask:

“How can we help dog owners get a significant improvement in their day to day lives with their dogs in the shortest amount of time?”

We thought it over and kept coming back to what we know best…

A formula we’ve been using for YEARS…

A formula which creates relationship as you use it and which clearly communicates to your dog that you are a cool dude and worth following so that any owner—with any type of dog—can understand and benefit.


SUPER fast.

Like, watch-me-smash-it-inside-a-fortnight fast.

The formula we teach inside Love Is Not Enough is the same one we use in our own business, with every dog in our Residential Training programs, with the rescues that we work with and with our own personal dogs.

This is the same formula that we demonstrate in our seminars and workshops around the world.  

And it's the same formula that we’ve now taught to many dog owners around the world.

Now, we want to teach it to YOU.

I'm Ready to Lead With Intent!


Inside the Love Is Not Enough workshop, we'll share:

What the difference is between Leadership and Relationship and where Training first into that equation.  A clear, simple and honest explanation of why your training classes haven't helped you with some of the challenges you have.  

How we can avoid stress and teach our dogs how to secure rewards through controlling resources using The Picture of Perfect, our proprietary method.  This approach develops a relationship with their owner that taps into their basic needs as a dog and will work with every dog.  When you've mastered this you'll realise wonder why it's taken so long to find the right answers to unlock your dog's potential!

How to make the adjustments you need in your day to day life with your dog for the better, even if you've got an older dog or a rescue!  The Relationship Recipe will show you how to perfect these changes and become an awesome team with your dog.

How to use the available resources to maximise your success.  We've got a fool-proof plan for most dogs that we'll share with you and you can follow step by step.  If you've failed to get this nailed before and think you've tried everything, don't worry, we've got the answer!

Most importantly, you don't need to have any previous training or handling skills - we help you with ALL of that!

We've got all the video tutorials and guidance that you need to make this fast and super easy for you!

Imagine where you could be two weeks from now...

A dog who listens when you speak and is ready to actively comply with your commands!

A dog who wants to be with you and WANTS you to guide him through the world

Being able to go anywhere and keep your dog's attention on you!

That’s what Love Is Not Enough will do for you.

That’s what happens when you’re leading and he’s following and it’s so easy using our Relationship Recipe!

And we’re putting this out there right now because we want you to succeed and be able to include your dog in every aspect of your life.

And you really can…

If you embrace and embed The Picture of Perfect and start to realise that
Love Is Not Enough!

Grab Love Is Not Enough




Now only €67!


What do you get when you grab your copy of Love Is Not Enough?

Love Is Not Enough is right for any—yes, any—dog owner. 

It's ESPECIALLY well suited to dogs who have behavioural problems

Whether you’re a new puppy owner, you’ve just brought a rescue dog home for the first time or you’ve had your beloved doggo in your life for years, Love Is Not Enough is for you.

“OMG, that’s a whole lot more than I expected for just… €67? Seriously?!

Most definitely. The Love Is Not Enough workshop is worth much more than what we’re charging.

After all, it’s a game changer for most people and can even help address other behaviour problems that we haven’t begun to touch on here.

BUT our objective here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because we know dog owners need this support right NOW.

We don’t want you to keep struggling. 

We don’t want your dog to miss out on family time or longer walks we want you to get started TODAY.

So we’ve priced it so there’s no regrets… you can just get it now and make it happen!

Grab Love Is Not Enough




Now only €67!


“Okay, but my dog’s different.  Will this work with my dog?  I need to be sure!”

Yes!  Even if you have behaviour problems in the home or issues like reactivity or aggression this course will help you adjust your dog's attitude towards you.  For some dogs and some behaviour issues, certainly you may still need professional help (we've got your covered with that too!).

The Relationship Recipe is a formula that we've used successfully for many years in our own residential training programs where we need to quickly develop a good clear relationship with a new dog and start to work together with them.  It will work for you. 
Yep. We’re that sure.  Whilst you and your dog are definitely unique and special, the way that dogs learn is pretty consistent.  Above all, as long as you apply what you learn in our tutorials — the concepts behind Love Is Not Enough will still apply.

I’m not that techie and I’ve never done an online course.  Will I be able to do this?

Definitely.  If you can read this page, you can access this course.  We’ve laid the workshop out in simple to use videos and downloadable guides so that you can watch and watch again if you need to.

Also, don’t worry about what equipment you do or don’t need for this. We've got super simple options for everything!

What if I’m already too busy to take a course?!

We’re all super busy trying to fit everything in whilst some of us are working ffrom home when we can, so it’s easy to see why you might feel you don’t have time for this.

But, this course isn’t designed to take a long time to implement.  The videos are short and the guidance is simple.  We’ve put this together with busy families in mind so that you can take the learning and hit the road with your dog, even if you’ve only got a few weeks to turn things around.

Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Love Is Not Enough—and the fact that you could complete it in just a few, short hours—we do not offer refunds.

But you don’t have to take a leap of faith! Check out the testimonials for our programs and methods here on our website.

When does the workshop begin? When and how do I get access to all the good stuff?

As soon as you join!  This workshop is designed to be completed in a couple of weeks, although you can take longer if you need to.  It’s entirely up to you how much or how little you do each day.  As soon as you sign up everything will be delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes.

So you can start today!

How do I join Love Is Not Enough and start transforming my dog?

It’s super simple!

Click here to join Love Is Not Enough today!

We’ve distilled decades of experience with thousands of dogs into this one workshop that you can implement in two weeks!

Who is Love Is Not Enough for? 

Love Is Not Enough is right for any—yes, any—dog owner.

Whether you’re a new puppy owner, you’ve just brought a rescue dog home for the first time or you’ve had your beloved doggo in your life for years, Love Is Not Enough is for you.

If you're ready to dive in but you're not sure how....let me break this down for you.

Here’s How This Works…

NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this brief training, there will be no refunds given.

Learn how to drastically improve your relationship with your dog in just TWO WEEKS!

Grab Love Is Not Enough today!


Now only €67!